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Thirty-four Percent Rise in IoT Development

SANTA CRUZ, CA. June 22, 2016, Development for the Internet of Things has grown substantially over the past 12 months according to the newly released Global Developer Population and Demographics Study... Read More →

Cloud is Leading Security Threat for Internet of Things - New Evans Data IoT Developer Survey

SANTA CRUZ, CA. June 14, 2016, The primary challenge facing Internet of Things developers is security, according to Evans Data’s recently released Internet Of Things Development survey, and develope... Read More →

Internet of Things Driving Artificial Intelligence Adoption

SANTA CRUZ, CA. June 1, 2016, The Internet of Things topped the target list for developers working with artificial intelligence across a wide spectrum of technologies including machine learning, neura... Read More →

EMEA Software Developers Cite Cyber Terrorism as Greatest Threat - Only 30% of organizations have formal security strategy

SANTA CRUZ, CA. May 18, 2016, Software developers in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) are extremely concerned with security in their development projects with the largest plurality cit... Read More →
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What Happened in 2015

In software development, every year is different from the last or the next. Sometimes it seems that as quickly as we can see something in the developer universe it changes. And that perception is actually pretty close to the fact, though it's more a reflection of the velocity at which our technology landscape changes rather than the mercurial nature of software developers. Read More →

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