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New Developer Population Numbers Worldwide 2023–2028

The worldwide developer population grew by 3.1% in the last year to over 26.3 million, returning to a growth rate near pre-pandemic levels. However, socioeconomic factors and regional technology focus... Read More →

Sources Developers Trust for New Tools & Tech

We asked developers worldwide what their most trusted sources are for discovering new tools and technologies. Question-and-answer sites ranked fourth. Where do vendor sites rank and how do these ranki... Read More →

Developers’ Top Issues in Cloud Adoption

We asked active cloud developers worldwide what their top issues were in cloud adoption. Cost ranked 7th on the list. What was the number one reason? Read their answer here. This information and more ... Read More →

Most Influential Social Media on Developer Decisions

We asked developers worldwide which social platform was the most influential when it comes to their decision to join a DevRel program. Here’s what developers said. This information and more is avail... Read More →
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Tech Development Insights

April 2023

Trusted Sources for Discovering New Technologies

Vendor websites ranked third as a top source for learning about new tools and technologies. What are the top two and how do they vary by region? This is what they said.

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