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Need for Real-Time Complex Event Processing is the Norm for Big Data Developers, New Evans Data Survey Shows

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 29, 2014, In a recent global survey of software developers working on Big Data and Advanced Analytics, 71% said they have a need in their applications for real-time complex event ... Read More →

Seventeen Percent of Developers Worldwide Now Targeting Internet of Things - New Evans Data Survey shows

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 22, 2014, In a recent global survey of software developers, 17.1% said they were working on applications for connected devices for the Internet of Things, while an additional 23% ... Read More →

Developers Worldwide rank ALM Tools as Best, Think Requirements Management, Load and Stress Tools Need Work

SANTA CRUZ, CA. July 8, 2014, When asked to rank various types of tools on the values of how important they are and how satisfying the tools are, software developers worldwide gave the category of App... Read More →

Mobile Developer Population Reaches 8.7M Worldwide, New Evans Data Developer Population and Demographics Study

SANTA CRUZ, CA. June 10, 2014, Of the 19 million software developers in the world, 8.7 million are now writing apps targeted for mobile devices, according Evans Data’s recently released Developer Po... Read More →
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Finding Market Opportunities in the Development Tool Space

One of the fundamentals of market and strategic product planning is to identify areas that are perceived of as being highly important but which weak product solutions. This is true for software development tools as well as for any other product. In our latest Global Development Survey we compared the amount of importance developers place on sixteen different tool types with the degree to which they are satisfied with the offerings. The result was a quadrant graph that places tool types... Read More →

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