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Fifty-seven Percent of Mobile Developers Worldwide Follow Government Mandated Security Protocols

SANTA CRUZ, CA. January 12, 2016, Security is and has been the number one issue for mobile development for many years, but a recent Evans Data survey of mobile developers worldwide shows that 56.7% of... Read More →

Cloud Developers Say Tools are Big Issue with PaaS Offerings

SANTA CRUZ, CA. November 18, 2015, The quality, expense and risk of discontinuation are major factors in developers’ adoption of various Cloud offerings, according to a new survey of software develo... Read More →

Windows 10 Adds 1.3 Million Developers in Last Six Months

SANTA CRUZ, CA. November 16, 2015, Windows 10 is being rapidly adopted as a development host environment by programmers worldwide according to the newly released Global Developer Population and Demogr... Read More →

For IoT Developers Industrial Devices are The Top Current Target, with Wearables a Thing of the Past

SANTA CRUZ, CA. November 10, 2015, When it comes to Internet of Things development, watches, glasses and other wearables capture the public’s imagination and get the most hype in the media, but for ... Read More →
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What Happened in 2015

In software development, every year is different from the last or the next. Sometimes it seems that as quickly as we can see something in the developer universe it changes. And that perception is actually pretty close to the fact, though it's more a reflection of the velocity at which our technology landscape changes rather than the mercurial nature of software developers. Read More →

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