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Monday, March 12, 2012
7:30am - 5:00pm Registration
8:30am - 8:45am Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:45am - 9:30am Janel Garvin, Evans Data Corp - Founder and CEO
The Development Landscape 2012 Janel will dive deep into Evans Data's research to show trends in technology adoption amongst developers throughout the globe. Cloud development and deployment, high performance computing, mobile development, and security throughout the entire chain of devices are some of the topics that Janel will cover as she reveals highlights from the past year of syndicated surveys. Janel will also demonstrate Evans Data's new Thought Leadership Quotient measurement system.
9:30am - 10:15am Scott Apeland, Intel - Director, Developer Network
It's not your Father's developer program The introduction and rapid growth of App Stores have not only redefined the software distribution model but they have also revolutionized developer programs and brought a whole new set of developer expectations. Traditional developer programs could focus just on helping developers write great code. Today, we also have to help developers monetize their software through new innovative business models, services and revenue generating capabilities. Scott will share insights and key learnings he has gained while evolving Intel's developer program from a technology focused resource to a business focused program supporting the AppUp Center app store.
10:15am - 10:30am Break
10:30am - 11:15am Steven Citron-Pousty, Red Hat - Developer Advocate
OMG! How Could They Compete With Their Developers? The news seems to regularly cover how some API provider has done some egregious wrong to their development community. Steven will show some examples, discuss considerations API providers should consider, and finally give some hints about ways to minimize the friction between your needs and those of your developers.
Laura Merling, Alcatel Lucent - VP, Application Enablement Business Unit
The Future in 3D: Developers, Data and Dollars This session will explore how the confluence of API, Cloud Computing and Mobile strategies, is creating new business models and increased revenue opportunities for tomorrow's enterprises, governments and more.
11:15am - 12:00pm Rachel Luxemburg, Adobe - Group Manager, Developer Relations
The Seven Don't of Community Management There are some classic mistakes community managers can make that cause long-term problems in your community. In this presentation Rachel will share some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid doing them.
Jason Costa, Twitter - Platform at Twitter
Fostering an International Developer Ecosystem Based on his experience as a developer relations manager, developer advocate, and product manager, Jason Costa will share his insight and experience in fostering an international developer ecosystem. He will illustrate what this means in context to his experience at Twitter.
12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm - 2:00pm Join your colleagues for in-depth roundtable discussions on topics that matter in Developer Relations, including: Spurring Community Interaction, Application Distribution and App Stores, Successful Tools for Developers, New Methods for Tech Support, What should be in an SDK, and more! Rotate between three different discussions during the time for maximum interest, discussion and networking.
2:00pm - 2:15pm Break
2:15pm - 3:00pm Michael Winton, Google - Director, Developer Relations
The Evolution of Google Developer Relations: Michael will share some insights into how Developer Relations at Google continues to evolve the ways it engages with and serves the developer community.
3:00pm - 3:45pm Evans Data Corp
Mastering the Developer Universe: A How-To Guide for Developer Outreach and Retention With hundreds of developer programs competing for developer mindshare, how can a developer community distinguish itself? This session will provide practical advice on how to attract and retain developers based on sophisticated statistical analysis of current developer decision making patterns, preferences, and interests. You will take away a more detailed understanding of what is currently most important to developers, how key issues influence developer decision making, and the critical components of successful programs.
Traci Soward, Cisco - Developer Relations Strategist, Cisco Developer Network
Show Me the Payoff! Trends and Opportunities to Accelerate Developer ROI. Application development, like any commercial endeavor, needs to make compelling financial sense. How will your developer programs drive share growth and revenues for your members? Is your developer ROI meeting your member needs? This session will explore developer research, monetization trends, and opportunities to address and accelerate your developer ROI.
3:45pm - 4:00pm Break
4:00pm - 4:45pm Smriti Gupta, PayPal - Sr. Manager X.commerce Community Team
Community: The Next Generation With all the forums, wikis, and blogs out there with ratings, ranking, polls, and feedback functionality-not to mention ties to social networking-we have a real revolution in how we consume and create information for each other. But how do we make that experience inspiring and engaging? Come hear how eBay inc is combining programs, processes and community features to create a vibrant commerce community for developers at
Jeff Meisel, National Instruments - LabVIEW Partner Program, Program Manager
Armando Valim, National Instruments - Senior Group Manager, Alliance Partner Network
Building a B2B Appstore for Engineers and Scientists Learn the framework National Instruments has applied in constructing a B2B appstore for their flagship product LabVIEW, used in engineering and scientific applications across the world.
4:45pm - 5:30pm Delyn Simons, Mashery - Vice President, Developer Platform
Think like a Platform Architecting your platform to meet 2012 mobile and web development standards is one of the best ways you can to enable your company to meet the demands of today's competitive markets. Building product in a platform way also helps your business prepare for disruptive forces that you cannot possibly predict.
Jim Plamondon, Rackspace - Director, Developer Experience
How Microsoft used developer relations to conquer the world, 1990-2000 In this session, Microsoft's world-conquering evangelism strategies and tactics from the 1990's will be presented, their ethics analyzed, and their applicability to the current decade's technologies examined.
5:45pm - 6:45pm Cocktail Reception
Tuesday, March 13, 2012
7:30am - 5:00pm Registration
8:30am - 9:15am Ed Schmit, AT&T - Director Developer Program
Top 10 Things that Make Working with Developers Fun: To succeed at anything, it helps if you love what you are doing. This presentation will cover some of the items that have been found to not only be the most fun, but also most effective in working with and attracting developers.
9:15am - 10:00am Randy Newell, IBM - Worldwide Marketing Program Director
Trusting the Future of Business to Enterprise Developers - It's Serious Business Software is everywhere. With globalization and unprecedented innovation in technology, the very nature of development is changing and the stakes are higher. In this presentation you will see examples of how IBM is addressing the needs of enterprise developers, building communities of evangelists, and laying a foundation for the next generation of innovators.
10:00am - 10:15am Break
10:15am - 11:00am Ray Gans, Actuate - Community Manager
Nobby Akiha, Actuate - Senior VP of Marketing
"Shall we play a game?" Using Game Mechanics to Build Community This talk will explore how gamification techniques are being used to engage a developer community and how well they've succeeded in improving the participation, contribution and satisfaction of its membership. Attendees to this session will receive an overview of some gamification concepts and hear about lessons learned when applying them to developer communities.
David Intersimone, Embarcadero - VP, Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist
Leveraging your community as your local evangelists This session will show how you can leverage your top community members as evangelists for your products. Included will be using a change management repository to build "presentation campaigns in a box" for your community evangelists to personalize, customize and deliver to their countries and communities. This session will also cover how to effectively use social media to deliver product information, how to videos and special promotions.
11:00am - 11:45pm Jerry Silver, EMC - Product Marketing Manager
Selling the Value of your Community As community managers, we all know that our communities are useful to our members and a valuable tool for customer engagement. But is the value obvious to your senior management, who ultimately control the purse strings that can help you expand your Community's reach? In this session, we'll discuss some of the tangible and intangible benefits you can use to sell your management on the value of your community, as well as techniques for increasing that value. We'll look at ways of linking Community activity reporting to ROI, and examine the role of Community in supporting demand generation and lead nurturing programs.
Michael Rasalan, Evans Data Corp - Director of Reasearch
The Meta-narratives of Market Research: Knowing How to Look at Data to Understand Your Developers Better Since it started, Evans Data has helped its customers by providing the best metrics on understanding the developer. Along the way, we've developed and refined methodologies and approaches to deliver research that we feel best helps our clientele, and provides actionable and effective guidance. This session looks at the meta-narratives of that research, and examines the kinds of questions we need to ask in order to get the best results: an understanding of developers that best informs strategies. It deconstructs various methods of slicing through data to paint a clearer picture of the developer landscape.
11:45am - 12:30am Jean Elliott, Microsoft Corporation - Senior Director, Marketing - Strategic and Emerging Business Team
Politicians, Partners, Pundits and Players What impact might they have on your developer relations program? How do you build and leverage these relationships to extend the value and reach of your initiatives? Jean will illustrate this colorful discussion with strategies, tactics, and lessons learned.
12:30pm - 1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm - 2:15pm Developer Programs: What Works, What Doesn't Work? Listen to top experts from AT&T, Dr, Dobbs Journal, Google and Rackspace discuss the pitfalls and successes of developer programs. Learn from their experiences.
2:15pm - 3:00pm Kenny Mathers, Nokia - Director of Programs and Monetization, Developer & Marketplace
Everybody and Everywhere Wants Apps Local Understanding with Optimal Monetization Enablers for Maximizing your Revenue
Andrew R. Kelly, Cognisync - President & CEO and Drupal This talk will focus on the experiences of migrating their CMS from a custom application to Drupal. It will include migration of discussion forums and blogs, and integration with the Kenai project hosting platform.
3:00pm - 3:15pm Break
3:15pm - 4:30pm LIVE ONSTAGE DEVELOPER FOCUS GROUP - One of the conference's MOST POPULAR events! This is your chance to ask developers what you want to know - Ten developers answer the questions you submit
Moderator: Janel Garvin, Evans Data - Founder and CEO
4:30pm - 4:45pm Closing Remarks
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March 12-13, 2012
Hotel Sofitel
Redwood City, California

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