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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Evans Data Developer Panel?

As an Evans Data Corp developer panelist, your input will help software tool makers create the tools you want to use, and create better developer programs. You also have the opportunity to earn cash for each survey completed.

Why does my email address need to match my PayPal account?

In order to verify your DevNet account, the email address used must match your PayPal account. This verification is necessary to redeem your points for cash. For existing accounts, you can find and update your account information once you login under the 'Account' tab.

Is my information confidential?

Yes! Your information is 100% confidential. Evans Data Corporation will never share your personal information with anyone. Ever. The information you provide is strictly confidential.

I took a survey a couple weeks ago and have not received my points. Why?

Points are awarded at the close of each survey and after we have verified submissions. This may take 1 to 2 weeks after the survey closes.

What does the survey status mean?

Pending: The survey is still open or being processed.
Not Complete: Your submission was not complete or not completed properly.
Complete: Your submission was accepted and recorded

Do my points expire?

Points will only expire if you do not participate in any surveys for more than 180 days. As long as you take at least one survey every six months your points will remain valid.