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Multiarchitecture Programming Becoming the Norm

Santa Cruz, CALIF. (June 20, 2024) - The issue of optimizing for CPUs vs GPUs is becoming moot as over half, 54%, of developers either are currently designing apps to account for processor specifics a... Read More →

AI Developers Rank Model Standardization as Top Benefit

Santa Cruz, CALIF. (May 9, 2024) - Since their introduction to the general public a little more than a year ago, foundation models have been eagerly embraced by developers working in the AI space. Acc... Read More →

Developers Choose Clouds Based on AI Services

Santa Cruz, CALIF. (April 11, 2024) - The Cloud would seem the perfect development environment for Artificial Intelligence projects due to its scalability and flexibility, but software developers are ... Read More →

GPT is Edging out BERT according to Developers

Santa Cruz, CALIF. (December 4th, 2023) - Two major architectures for Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks are vying to dominate the market but GPT has an edge according to developers working with... Read More →
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November 2023

Top Neural Network Architectures

What neural network architectures are AI and machine learning developers using in their projects? We asked just last month in our AI/ML Development Survey. Read the answr here.

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