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Evans Data Corp conducts ongoing surveys of developers worldwide every month producing a research library that captures the pulse of the fast-paced tech world. These developer-focused research reports cover topics like the Worldwide Developer Population, Global Development, Developer Marketing and DevRel Best Practices, Cloud Development, AI and Machine Learning Development, DevOps, SecOps, and more.

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Developer Ecosystem Seminar January 17, 2023

Join us for a free look into Evans Data Corp cloud development survey reports. We'll be answering your questions about the worldwide cloud developer population, their attitudes, adoption patterns, and more! Join us for a free look at survey results from the latest global cloud developer ecosystem’s vital topics, trends, and issues.

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Survey Results Developers vs IT Managers

Both developers and IT managers use design patterns, but how they use them differs. See their usage by segment here. The DevOps Divide Survey Report Series is a monthly publication based on survey res... Read More →

Why Developers Try New Platforms, Tools, Or Technologies

We asked developers worldwide what their top reasons were to try a new platform, tool, or technology. Interestingly, the top reasons varied by geographic region. Read the full results here. This info... Read More →

How Developers Use Cloud in AI & ML Projects

Developers use Cloud for their AI&ML projects in various ways - natively, just for storage, for scalable compute needs and so on. Which is most important? We asked active AI&ML developers how they mo... Read More →

Motivations and Perceptions: DevOps Tools, Platforms, and Systems

Developers and IT managers have differing opinions on challenges, pain points, barriers, and preferences. This subscription segments these two unique groups and provides targeted insights to inform st... Read More →
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Tech Development Insights

November 2022

How Old Are They Now?

We've been tracking the relative ages of developers worldwide since 2006. View the age trend by global region (APAC, LATAM, EMEA, North America) over the last 15 years from our new Technology Adoption Over Time report...

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