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Evans Data Corporation was founded to fill the growing demand for actionable market research, market intelligence and strategic planning. As an industry leader since 1998, Fortune 100 companies, startups, and private investing firms have turned to us for our expertise, data analysis, and survey-driven insights.

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Decision Process for Cloud Tool Purchasing

We asked active cloud developers worldwide what was most important when buying tools for Cloud. Do they feel it is ease of use, security, cost, or something else? Read their answer here. This informat... Read More →

Global & Regional Developer Populations 2022 to 2027

There are 25.6 million active developers worldwide, but what are the numbers by region regarding the platforms and tools they use? Technology focus? API usage? How will these numbers change by 2027? T... Read More →

Environments Running AI Jobs

Cloud-based AI environments offer developers a variety of tools for everything from image recognition to analyzing big data. Where are developers running their AI, machine learning or deep learning pr... Read More →

Influence on Tool Purchasing Decisions

What influences tool purchasing decisions the most when buying tools for Cloud? We asked cloud developers worldwide and this is what they said. This information and more is available in our latest Clo... Read More →
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Tech Development Insights

February 2023

Important Factors in Deployment Type Decisions

Which factors are the most important to developers when deciding between container, virtual machine, and bare metal deployment? Here’s what developers worldwide said.

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