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The 14th annual Evans Data Developer Relations Conference on March 25-27, 2018 was filled with dynamic keynotes, workshops, tracks, developer focus groups and other networking events by the top developer relations and ecosystem professionals in the industry.

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DevRelate for Developer Relations Professionals


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Developer Program Membership Reaches All-Time High

SANTA CRUZ, CA. April 24, 2018 The number of developers who are in a formal developer relations program reached 83%, the highest level to date, according to the Evans Data’s recently released Devel... Read More →

Are Hackathons Losing their Appeal? – Noticeable slump in attendance

SANTA CRUZ, CA. April 10th, 2018 The number of developers who attended a hackathon declined significantly in 2017 according to the newly released Evans Data Developer Marketing 2018 survey report. ... Read More →

Developers Drive the Decisions in Cloud Infrastructure and Tools

SANTA CRUZ, CA. February 8, 2018 – It’s commonly thought that IT professionals and MIS Managers make the decisions when it comes to Cloud purchases, but a recent worldwide survey of software devel... Read More →

Six and Half Million Developers Now Using AI or ML in Their Projects

SANTA CRUZ, CA. January 10, 2018 Software developers are adopting and using artificial intelligence and machine learning by the millions, according to Evans Data’s newly released Global Development... Read More →
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AI - Threat or Not? Software Developers' Take

Well of course AI is a hot topic in software development and in the software community in general. Developers everywhere are finding ways to incorporate one or more of the varied forms of AI including machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, conversational systems, real-time data analysis and more. AI adoption is everywhere. But you really know it's a hot topic when software Silicon Valley titans like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg get into a public tiff about how AI is going to impact us. Read More →

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